5 Free Helpful Websites for Your Thesis

5 Free Websites for Your Thesis

If you’re in your last year of college as an architecture student, then it only means one thing – thesis! Whatever course you are on, it’s always challenging to do your thesis as you’d really want to know how to write a good thesis or how to make it the best it can be. With this blog post, I’m going to share with you five websites that I used for my thesis that have helped me work efficiently and got more work done on time!

The first three will be helping you with your research whilst the last two are going to help you proof-read and reference your thesis. If you’re an architecture student who’s doing her thesis, don’t forget to check out these tips to help you out with it!

#1 – Weava

You’ve probably heard about Weava in Youtube advertisements or have seen their ads on other platforms. I was hooked from the moment that I started using it, even if I used it for 3-page assignments only! I finished writing different research assignments much, much quicker and I found that it helps me organize my thoughts better! Better organized thoughts mean better and organized writing!

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The website allows you to highlight different online articles, websites, and even books or PDFs. You have the option to assign different labels to each highlighter color, and you can add notes on that specific highlighted phrase or word. What makes it so efficient is that it has its own dashboard you can open when you’re finished highlighting sources. In this dashboard, you can set up your own folders, color labels, and other features if you go premium. I use the free version and it works fine. 

Website article highlighted with Weava
Website article highlighted with Weava

Once you’ve finished highlighting important takeaways, you can go to this dashboard and it will view your highlights. In summary, you get to see the important details on each website in folders, making it easy to compile your research according to the topic or subject. 

Research showing Weave's categories and dashboard summary
Research showing Weave’s categories and dashboard summary

The view per folder personally made it much easier for me to paraphrase and analyze. This was especially helpful in writing my Review of Related Literature (RRL) for my thesis.

#2 – Scribd

Scribd is one of those websites you can use to read online books (ebooks), articles from websites, journals, and even audiobooks. It might not really be a free app or website to use but it does give a FREE MONTH trial. When I used that free month, it became truly helpful that I ended up subscribing to the actual thing after the free month was over. 

The only catch I found on this website is that it has limits when it comes to the number of books and such you’re reading per month.

Why I decided to go for this website instead of going to the school library is that I am able to use Weava with it – which means I can highlight and efficiently go back to important points from the ebooks. I can also use the find tool (ctrl + F or cmd + F) to easily search for keywords. To me, it seemed like working smart instead of working hard.

Scribd highlighted with Weava
Scribd highlighted with Weava

In addition, although the school books were free to borrow, there’s a limit to the number of books I could borrow and days I could borrow it which typically lasts for 1 week. Because of that, some of my classmates even end up paying as much as ~Php 200 due to late fees for only a handful of books. With an online website like Scribd, I am able to save a lot of time going in and out of the library and am more efficient in terms of research. Despite paying around Php 500, I get to gather more books and more resources in less time. 

#3 – ResearchGate

I was able to find out about ResearchGate through my classmates and although I don’t use it as often, it‘s also helpful to me whenever I find something relevant. The website is free to use, however, there are some articles where you’ll still be needing permission from the authors to access.

ResearchGate home feed of Karen Elyssa
ResearchGate home feed of Karen Elyssa

#4 – Grammarly

This website or tool is already pretty popular. I used to subscribe to it at the beginning of my thesis in order to check for accidental plagiarism in my introduction and RRL. It also has helped me not only to correct or check for grammatical errors, but it also allowed me to experiment or change my tones in writing emails, making my letters seem more approachable, grateful, or formal.

It’s a free tool, however, some functions such as the plagiarism checker, need a subscription. A lot of my classmates are also subscribed to this.

#5 – Bibme.org

Bibme.org is the website I used for my references. I did not just start using this website for my thesis but it has been useful to me since way back. It allows you to use different reference styles such as APA, MLA, and others by typing in the link for websites or putting information manually for books and journals. There are so many types of resources to choose from where you can put in the necessary information, and it will arrange them to the reference style of your choice. Best part? It’s completely free.

Bibme.org book citation
Bibme.org book citation

Bonus info!

When looking up things online, you can use Google Scholar as your search engine for better results of articles, journals, or books. You can also tweek the year-rage of the dates published in order to filter articles and books of your required research bracket. In the case of my college (since I’m not sure if this is the case for all), they allow for articles published within 5 years, and books published within 10. 

Google Scholar
Google Scholar


5 Helpful Websites for Your Thesis:

  1. Weava
  2. Scribd
  3. ResearchGate
  4. Grammarly
  5. Scribd

Done with your research? Check out these different architecture softwares I used for architecture thesis which have helped me work more efficiently! Don’t forget to comment down below any more websites which you think helps you work more efficiently! 

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