Waist Bag with Alligator Pattern in Black


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Simple waist bags can be fashionable too especially for women who are on-the-go girl bosses. This black waist bag with an alligator-patterned leather is meant to be your chic tool you can bring wherever you go. Heavily rely on your phone? Don’t want to bring your make-up kit everywhere? Want to take that hand sanitizer with you all the time? Or do you just want a place for your fave perfumes? This roomy waist bag will do all that whilst keeping your #OOTD your best fashion.


  • Roomy pillow-shaped design
  • 5.91 x 1.97 x 4.72 inches
  • 15 cm in length
  • 95 cm strap drop
  • Adjustable to your liking
  • Black
  • Alligator pattern
  • PU leather material

This waist bag goes well with your casual outfits, business wear, or even sports wear. Stay chic whenever and wherever!


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