I’m Karen Elyssa, an incoming architecture graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. I started this blog back in November 2019 with the aim to share different lessons and experiences throughout architecture school.

When I was in first year, I had different upperclassmen facilitators who taught me what I could expect and do throughout and I aim to make this blog to do the same – for the information to be accessible to anyone who needs it around the world.



A few months into writing, this blog now grew to more than architecture related content. I aim to make this a one stop shop for inspiration that can help people like you out there with regards to having an overall balanced life.

Eversince I was little, I’ve always been interested in fashion and I’ve been expressive about then. Now that I’ve got more control over my time, I’m taking the chance to get back into exploring different styles and I aim to share them with you here.

If it makes you feel good, it can add up to your productivity. In addition, it’s also an expression of creativity.



Alongside that, I also write about exploring the business world. Now that I aim to be a successful freelancer in the future, this is a step of learning for me whilst sharing information I learn with you as well. Most content are still architecture-related since the architecture field is also a business field.



I always try to incorporate my faith in my writing as that is never separated in what I do. It’s a blessing to be able to learn and share what I learn with all you readers in this blog.



You can say I’m writing about lifestyle in general. I hope to achieve that balance in life and hope to share with you some ways on how I try to do it.

I hope this blog will be helpful to you and let me know in the comment section! Connect soon!

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